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Friendly Reminders for Seasonals

As the 2023 camping season draws to a close, the ERM staff would like to thank you for another great summer. We appreciate you and we're glad you choose to camp with us!

Here's a few quick reminders:

Deposits Due

Thank you to those of you who have already paid your deposits for next year! We appreciate you. Deposits for next year were due Sept. 1. Please pay your 2024 deposit as soon as possible. A $50 late fee will be assessed after October 1.

Trailer Tabs

Tabs on your trailer need to be for 2025. If you have 2024 tabs, those expire in February.


Winter is coming. Hopefully not too soon. If you're interested in having someone winterize your camper, read on:

Ted's is coming October 3rd to winterize trailers. (320) 243-3288 All Campers is coming October 16th. (320) 443-0163 Call one of these businesses if you're interested in having them winterize your camper.

If you signed your October contract, we'll see you over the next month. If not, have a great winter and stay safe and warm! Stay tuned to this page and to our Facebook page for updates!

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