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Holiday Gifts for Your Camper

Do you have a person in your life who loves to camp? Are you unsure what to get them as a gift? Whether your person is an avid backpacker or a diehard RVer, there’s sure to be something on this list for them. Plus there’s something for every budget. So take a peek and get some ideas for the holidays.

1.     Fire Starter – an emergency fire starter can come in handy during times when matches get wet or the lighter gets lost or damaged.

2.    Camping & Backpacking Stove – being able to heat water to make soup or rehydrate meals in a flash is a must. You can also make coffee in them and some are French presses.

3.    Personal Water Filter – a compact water filter can come in handy in many situations, whether for camping or emergencies. They filter bacteria, parasites, and other debris from drinking water and can attach to water bottles.

4.    Camping Lantern – get your camper a solar-powered or rechargeable camping lantern. Even if they already own a lantern, it will be a welcome gift. Many can be charged in your car or even by your phone, as well as by solar power.

5.    Night vision goggles – there is a lot to see at night when you’re camping. Many species are nocturnal and it can be fun to watch the night life. Night vision goggles are more expensive than some of the other gifts on this list but more affordable than you’d think.

6.    Camping Chair – most people have camping chairs but consider getting your camper an oversized, padded one for extra comfort. They’re still portable and folding and available with cup holders.

7.    Hand Warmers – gift a pair of rechargeable, electric hand warmers. These are practical and affordable.

8.    Emergency Blankets – these mylar blankets are an essential part of every camper’s kit. They also come in handy for Minnesota winter car emergency kits.

9.    Cot Caddie – consider a cot caddie to help your camper keep their essentials, like glasses and phones, off the floor and within reach.

10. Sleeping Pad – this gift is aimed towards the tent camper. It’s a self-inflating pad that goes under a sleeping bag to protect the camper from the hard ground. Prices vary widely, so be aware of what features you’re looking for.

11.  Portable Charger – this gift comes in handy for times when the battery on the phone may die partway through a hike or camping trip. Portable chargers are small and affordable.

12. Camping Cookbook – a great gift for the loved one who has everything. For a more portable option, consider gifting an ebook.

13. All-Weather Notebook – durable and waterproof, these come in different sizes. You can also gift all-weather pens and pencils to go along with them.

14. Enamel Camp Dinnerware Set – you can choose the traditional blue with white flecks or go with different colors. These sets are durable and fun.

Now that you have some ideas, you can finish your holiday shopping or get started on next year’s. Have fun and remember to relax. El Rancho Mañana wishes you happy holidays.

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