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Thank You For A Wonderful 2023 Season

Fall is upon us once again. It seems like the camping season just started and now we’re starting to say goodbye to our friends and fellow campers. There are only a couple of weekends left for campers. Many seasonals are closing up their campers, winterizing and packing up.

It’s been a busy summer at El Rancho. We had a live band several weekends, during which it was so much fun to see all of you enjoying the music. Kickoff Jam and the August Bluegrass Festival were back again for the 21st year at El Rancho. The Wild West Show blew through with the Bellamy Brothers, as well as various skits and entertainment. We held beanbag tournaments and crazy bingo games. You dressed up for Halloween, decorated campers, and handed out candy to eager kiddos. We held Ranch Prom and so many of you were groovy with our 60s theme in honor of the ranch’s 60th anniversary. Your generosity will never be forgotten and will always be appreciated on the weekend of Chuck and Donna’s benefit.

It's always great to look back and relive memories but now we look forward. To fall colors at the ranch, sweatshirt weather and cozy fires, the first snow, and the lake freezing over. But mostly we look forward to seeing you all next spring. Keep following us on Facebook and the website for updates.

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We appreciate each and every one of you. Thanks for making our campground yours!

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